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Comfort and Safety

Our most basic, fundamental human need is the need for comfort, as the state of satisfaction in terms of physical and mental needs and absence of worries. As humans, we constantly seek to increase it.
However, as it turns out, the essence of the human nature is not so much ensuring comfort, but unceasingly striving to increase it.
It is also unrelenting curiosity of the world , discovering and exploring it. By giving in to this temptation, as humans, we have created civilisation – science, industry, technology, culture...

Today, we live and work in the industrialised, intensively changing world. In the world, the development of which most often means construction of increasingly complex and sophisticated systems and technological installations, frequently the ones that process high amounts of energy, as well as dangerous, flammable or toxic substances.

As a result of various causes, for example failure of technological installations, someone’s deliberate decision, unaware action, or just ignorance, those substances may be released to the environment , thus creating a hazard to people, property, or natural environment. Aiming to ensure the sense of safety, apart from preventive measures, it is necessary to take actions that eliminate the threat immediately after it occurs.
Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the presence of dangerous gas substances in the environment, and in case of their detection – taking appropriate actions in order to prevent losses or stop their increase.
Gas Detection & Safety Systems, which we have been developing for 25 years, serve this purpose.


Who we are?

Atest Gaz is the leading Polish producer of innovative and reliable gas detection and safety systems and a renowned reference centre in the aforementioned scope, which, through provided services, wide knowledge, long-term experience, and advanced technology, works to ensure full safety for people, property, and environment.
In our daily activity we concentrate on measuring the composition of gases, monitoring and detection of hazardous concentrations.
Our specialty are innovative Gas Detection & Safety Systems providing reliable information on gas hazards or their absence. In other words, systems which ensure the sense of safety when everything is ok and effectively warn in case of hazard.

The mission of Atest Gaz is to ensure our Customers and Users all the comfort resulting from the sense of human life and health safety as well as protection of property and environment from hazards associated with dangerous gases.

The strength of our brand results from everyday work of a qualified and experienced team of specialists – enthusiasts, but also from a multidirectional experience, an access to international know-how, and perfectly developed research and design facilities. As a result, Atest Gaz may offer unique, technologically advanced, innovative, and reliable products, solutions and systems that comprehensively and completely satisfy the individual needs of Clients of both the industrial and civil engineering  sector (HVAC).