Reliable and Innovative Gas Safety Systems

Our history

Atest Gaz was established by Mr Zygmunt Pachole in Borzęcin, Poland in 1973, as a company specializing in gas heating technology.  In 1992, a branch of Atest-Gaz called the Measurements and Automation Laboratory was created in Gliwice, Poland. The branch was managed by Aleksander (the son of Zygmunt Pachole) and his wife, Małgorzata - current owners of the Company. The Laboratory dealt with electronic control and safety systems for heating equipment, but after  the Company was transformed in 1996 to an independent entity called “Atest Gaz Automation and Electronics  Lab”, it began to specialise in the systems for detection of combustible and toxic gases. Since 2008, the Company has been operating as „ general partnership” Atest Gaz A. M. Pachole  From the beginning, the owners of Atest-Gaz  relied on knowledge, competence, high quality, innovation and investments in state-of-the- art technologies.